Business hotel chain trends

Business hotel chain trends

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now, China’s economic development has gradually become better, we choose to work is also very diverse, of course, the opportunity to travel is also very much. So, what are the Traders Hotel is our favorite? Let’s take a look at it!

remodeling guest room configuration

bed – table – the combination of the Traders Hotel room has long been the charm of no longer, the current guests into the room at the moment are looking forward to surprise. Traders Hotel room with creative office, pondering TV panels, of multi swing bed beside a sofa, room fun "fashion" the key "ingredients" is far more than that, don’t you see some colorful decorative rooms, hybridity, this alone this one taste, which guests do not want to taste fresh. "The interior design of hotel rooms, the more you Fangzi modal" do not repeat, I do not imitate.

bathroom hydrotherapy

Traders Hotel guest room toilet is just a pathetic little supporting role, only to make more room to the living room area, and now, this situation has become a Traders Hotel in the past. There is nothing more to expect from a modern home than a real home, and there is nothing more attractive to a guest than a vacation bathroom. Imagine, ensuite bathroom, shower, bathtub, rain super men and women with oversized washbasin, bath towel, high-end beauty products and wide space, like luxury spa facilities stately become a vivid portrayal of the guest bathroom, so that guests remove diffuse diffuse dust, and to contend.

is not just a restaurant

Traders Hotel

practical beauty pursues the harsh hotel restaurant has nearly disappeared. Cooking is an art, but is it not the way to display space. More and more Traders Hotel restaurant in a variety of design, space difference, people at first sight, then forget. Be sure to set the theme, creative on the floor again, creative ideas, the restaurant will be able to change the church.

break indoor and outdoor boundaries

sensory experience to do this satisfactorily There is much fineness in philosophy, in the interpretation of the Traders Hotel operators hospitality in a series of services, they try to make the space play ability and cleverness, indoor and outdoor transition reached if there is no state, not only the hotel bold living area extends to the outdoor terrace, natural light elements are also doing everything possible to "transfer to the interior. Wood paneling, decorative stone, green plants, indoor waterfall…… All these can be stressful guests here, but also its free and tranquil mind.

focus on local art

contemporary architecture is often separated from the local art students, really regrettable. Sometimes we try

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