Why choose Chongqing tea Hot pot to join Y Hot pot

Why choose Chongqing tea Hot pot to join Y Hot pot

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are aware of the health products in China, the tea industry is a good thing, hot pot is very much like what we eat, then you have thought about the combination of these two forms of tea hot pot? Better consumer feedback. And this is the hot pot of tea brand Chongqing Y hot pot

Chongqing Kosovo food culture Co. Ltd. Chongqing y Hot pot "brand, began in 1989, inherited the traditional Chongqing Hot pot quality, and the country’s first tea health Hot pot concept has a national invention patent technology, have been in the country set up a total of more than 80 stores, located in Chongqing, Shaanxi, Henan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities, and achieved good social benefits, and won many honors: Sichuan famous Hot pot", "the most popular Hot pot", "Chongqing Hot pot" and "Chinese name Hot pot", "the most popular Hot pot".

tea pot why join the election of Chongqing Y hot pot

1989 y hot pot first store was founded in Chongqing two junctions, 93-98 takeoff in Chongqing Daping, was listed as one of the top three Chongqing hot pot.

2010, or that pot, or that taste, or that familiar with the name "Y Hot pot", since Hot pot tea since the promotion, nationwide have opened nearly forty stores, it began a new journey Hot pot y.

2015, y hot pot ushered in its third brand upgrade, reducing the taste of Chongqing hot pot, so that every city people can eat the traditional authentic Chongqing hot pot!

tea hot pot eat not

first, the effect of tea:

1, tea culture history: China is the hometown of tea, is the world’s first discovery of Chinese tea, the use of Chinese tea and tea cultivation in china. The origin of tea has been at least sixty thousand or seventy thousand years old. Tea was discovered and used by humans, about four years of history.

2, the ten virtues: ancient tea Chinese had thought that the ten German tea, with tea powder in depression, tea flooding spit gas, to keep the tea tea angry, in addition to disease gas, and tea for the tea table with respect to the practice, and to taste the taste of tea, to keep tea body, to tea feasible road to ya Chi tea.

2, the health effects of tea tea efficacy: definite to prevent lung cancer (including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer), regulating blood fat, reduce blood sugar, enhance immunity, prevent smoking damage etc.. Green tea protects cardiovascular. Green Tea belongs to non fermented tea, on behalf of West Lake Longjing Tea, Spring Snail, Dongting Mount Huangshan Mao feng. The main function is to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, can improve immunity, anti-oxidation, inhibiting and killing bacteria, green tea, Black Tea reduced >

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