Beijing City Center for disease control through the WHO evaluation results of perfect

Beijing City Center for disease control through the WHO evaluation results of perfect

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in the hearts of many people, the center for disease control, can give people more peace of mind, better protect people’s lives and health. As one of the members of the WHO global of polio laboratory, Beijing CDC has just passed the score of WHO once a year capacity assessment.

polio laboratory plays an important role in the global eradication of polio and the maintenance of polio free status. In order to maintain and improve the sensitivity, timeliness and accuracy of the detection of the virus in the laboratory in the whole , WHO has the ability to evaluate the members of the laboratory every year. With the acceleration of the global elimination of the process of polio, the ability of the laboratory to assess the technical difficulty is increasing, the scope of assessment has gradually increased.

reporter learned that last year’s ability assessment is the most difficult in recent years, a technical assessment, a total of 20 samples of assessment, including the virus isolation test sample of the 10, within the assessment of the type of assessment of the sample within the gray type.

at the same time in order to comply with the 2016 global polio vaccine conversion and polio wild virus storage, destruction, the ability to assess the extent of the adjustment has also been carried out, the difficulty is significantly larger. Such as virus isolation, identification of two types of assessment has increased the detection of low concentrations of virus samples and the proportion of mixed virus samples, as well as the detection of polio virus and vaccine virus.

at the same time, also for the first time to enable the development of new detection reagents, etc.. These changes put forward higher requirements to the laboratory’s ability of strain, quality management, professional ability and operation technology.

Beijing Center for disease control, can bring more convenience to people, to win people’s recognition. WHO day before the feedback of the final examination results, 100 separate assessment of poliovirus, identification of poliovirus type 100, and the Beijing City CDC comments: perfect results, excellent performance.

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