The steamed stuffed bun franchise should pay attention to the whole location

The steamed stuffed bun franchise should pay attention to the whole location

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is one of the characteristics of Chinese buns as a delicacy, so far in the Chinese inheritance, Chinese consumers love to eat steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun make development more and more people, the operating characteristics of steamed stuffed bun franchise, the market competition is particularly large, how to make your buns franchise stores open talent shows itself, Gerrard wants to make money, in the business need focus on skills, and a good store location is the key. Steamed stuffed bun store in what place? Here, Xiaobian will come to you to talk about the characteristics of the selection of the location of the characteristics of steamed bun franchise.

The principle of location of

if you do is the Volkswagen brand, can be considered a convenient transportation, business people keep in order to increase the rate of boarding. If you are doing a personalized narrow market, then you can consider the secondary business district, in order to reduce the rent and other costs. Goods get together to grasp a degree. When there are more than five steamed stuffed bun franchise, you also do feature steamed buns, then you must have the characteristics of the goods, take the route of differentiation, as well as brand awareness, otherwise it is difficult to win.

if your bun stores shop in the street, the street on both sides of the store not to. Because the customer will goods than three, waiting for him to walk around the area, may be tired, hungry or something, then go back to your store to eat small possibility. The Yin and yang side of the shop is also very important. In the north, in the face of customers love the street walk, less traffic view. For businesses, the same rent, then on both sides of the road, turnover is two times worse. Try to shop at the local or near groupkey. Because the difference will be the difference of 30% business locations. This is related with the flow of people, the customer may come to this corner, this is the guest to no respect. Site to consider the flow of people will not be stopped by competitors.

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