Oren Castle joined to create wealth men’s business

Oren Castle joined to create wealth men’s business

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create a wealth of life good choice, to choose to join European lueneburg men’s shoes? Quality of the project, worry free venture brand. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join European lueneburg men’s project, open their own olun Fort shoes stores, the shop is made!

union to make money?

(1) spread fast, covering a wide area.

(2) stores rent costs, labor wages, mostly B2C mode, manufacturers directly to consumers, less intermediate links, reducing costs.

(3) saves time. Usually go shopping, shopping two day, the three shopping malls, and online shopping mall, one hour can browse a few shop.

(4) tax relief.

and in this environment, the brand choose to enter the Internet is more advantageous than the disadvantages. Euren Bao O2O marketing to make use of the Internet across the region, without borders, mass information, mass user advantages, tap the line resources, to achieve precise positioning and customer management, and open up the online and offline retail stores gucci line. Easy to manage membership information, store management, marketing and other systems, so that the Internet really become a tool for the sale of cooperative partners.

the service to integrate into the O2O, advocates and innovative service experience, connecting the line, the connection of the brand and the fans, the connection between the store and the consumer. In 2013 officially launched the line brand development strategy of Orem Fort brand, plan the next three years, will establish 300-500 terminal stores in North China, East China, central China, southwest, Southern China and other regions, let Oren Fort synchronize sales in the electricity supplier and the store two channels.

on the other hand, should also take advantage of the current rapid development of the sports industry opportunity to strengthen research and development of wearable devices. European Union has targeted the development of related products, through the injection of higher technical content, increase the added value of footwear products.


olun Bao men’s shoes? The best choice for quality life. If you to join European lueneburg men’s shoes were very interested in the project. So, what are you hesitating about? Come and join us! Let us work together to create a wealth of life!

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