Do business to seize the customer psychology

Do business to seize the customer psychology

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cell door a mung bean cake shop opened. It is a new store, huh buy some to send a pound of promotional activities. Soon the news spread in the District, a long queue outside the shop. In the area of housewives, retired uncle aunt, outside the school gate to send the child’s parents have entered the ranks of the queue.


team is getting more and more long, so that all the people on the road have joined the team. The boss is not timely sale, but on the contrary, unhurried do the preparatory work, the benefits of propaganda "green bean cake". The staff in the store saw the team getting longer and longer, and began to press the boss.

what’s the panic? The line is our live ads, you think, how long will the customer see such a long queue? Certainly would like to: others are queuing to buy, certainly genuine, can be picked up cheap, others can buy I have to buy, can not miss the opportunity. So more and more people queuing."

boss said a word so that employees suddenly realized, had to admire the boss to admire the wisdom of the boss. This is called the herd mentality, also known as herd efficiency. Some people have done experiments, put an obstacle in front of a group of sheep, the first jump in the past, the second, the third sheep will jump like the first. The benefit of sheep is a kind of situation which leads to collective irrational behavior.

sheep is a very messy organization, usually with the blind rush left and right once there is a sheep move, other sheep will think little of the herd, regardless of the front is dangerous or have better grass not far away. The same is true of business, the more people to see the queue, the number of people to join the team will be more, we should seize the herd mentality for their own advertising." As expected, the boss is expected to queue more and more people to buy more and more. The boss made a good start.

in fact, many large shopping malls are also the case, seize the herd mentality. For example, the entrance of a shopping mall lined up for a long time, people from the market is easy to want to join. Because most people see such a long row of teams, will think: so many people lined up, must be profitable, others can buy, why can’t I buy?

this way, more and more people queuing, in fact, there are really few people want to buy a clear intention, but people are in the mutual influence. Shopping mall is to seize the psychological atmosphere of the people, the impact of the people in the crowd to accept the goods, so as to achieve the purpose of the whole population to accept the goods.

we can also seize the business in line with the herd mentality. For example, meet customer indecisive, indecisive when a sentence: "a lot of people in the area of electric cooker to buy this brand." "There are more people in Yellow Crane Tower now." Customer >

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