The distinction is easy to lose customers business Business

The distinction is easy to lose customers business Business

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although a lot of operators know that customers can not be treated differently, need to be treated equally. However, when the real face of the customer, many operators are easy to ignore this, resulting in customer dissatisfaction with the door, the store business is a very negative impact. So, if there is a difference between the treatment of customers, but it is very easy to lose business oh.

a few days ago, a friend invited me to go shopping yingzi call. Chat on the road that she and her husband mixed a few words, the mood is very bad, so, find me to talk about it, so as to avoid a stomach pain.

I know yingzi have a secret, when the couple quarrel, she will take some money to buy clothes, buy a necklace, buy her something useful, in short, vent in money, after all the unhappiness will vanish.

this time is no exception, although I left to persuade right, it does not help her. She still makes up for her unhappiness with her own way of venting. I had to go with her to a gold shop.

at the door to see us, "welcome to!" But also for us to open a glass door, a warm service in the customer’s psychology deeply rooted. Into the store, the customer is not a lot, before we have two pairs of lovers on the counter browse a wide variety of gold jewelry. One of the attendants to see our new store, busy to greet before: "what do you want?"

"do you have a new necklace?" "Yes, this way please!" Attendants took us to the new column, yingzi see section six, let the waiter removed try it, it seems not suitable for her age band. Tried so many did not say to buy, the waiter is obviously a little impatient: "these are good! Which do you want, I help you pack."

"it doesn’t look good for me."." Yingzi tugged at my arm: "you look good, help me to select the." Then I took a look at the side of the service to take out, the waiter did not answer, busy next to a pair of lovers, laughing and talking to them. We wait for a while in the side, not to see the waiter came, when he came to the first half of the cold cool.


‘s view, the waiter mentality, to the store to buy the most successful jewelry lovers, we face the two women come into the store as "spoiled" rather than to "buy". It seems today, pocket five thousand dollars is not sold out, how to do? Hey! Helpless, we went to the next, where the waiter all customers alike. We also bought the necklace.

said the operators tend to see people wearing tainted glasses, in fact, in the actual business process that is indeed easy.

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