The Spring Festival shop operators also need to pay attention to all the resources

The Spring Festival shop operators also need to pay attention to all the resources

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Spring Festival can be said to be a very important holiday shops, every boss wants to hold such a rare opportunity. However, the Spring Festival time, for any shop, the most worried about the same there are some unexpected events, at this time, if the resources are wide, perhaps you can quickly solve. Therefore, the Spring Festival store operators need to focus on resources.

shop to engage in business, the wider the , the business will do more Shun, the more handy. Therefore, in the face of the Spring Festival this sales peak, you sell not only goods, but also a wide range of human resources. These connections rely on our retail customers usually go to the accumulation of cramming, it is difficult to play the best effect. At the same time, the store opened the door to do business, the gods are home, including those tiaocier customers.

Spring Festival the gold sales period, when those "tough" customer trouble, not only will affect sales, but also reduce the store business image, at this time, human resources will widely play a very important role. Is the so-called Friendliness is conducive to business success. in this critical period, sales, time is money, who would like to trouble a thankless task, do these things?

retail customers Zhang Ming hospitality, good friends in the retail circle is very famous, this is not, the Spring Festival sales peak, to his supermarket shopping nearly half of the familiar faces. In Zhang Ming’s words, our business is supported by friends. But a mother born nine, not to mention is from different places, different temper customers? That day at 10 in the morning, it is the peak of the sale, the store people coming and going, Zhang Ming side of the cashier, while packing, was busy.

at this time, a customer came to Zhang Ming greatlyreduceyourcheckoutofgoods yelling, your supermarket just want to make money, I bought a few days before the rice cooker A, but you pass B, not only is not the quality of leakage, you must pay for my loss. He put the rice cooker / throw to the cashier, does not allow shoppers to check out, see this phenomenon, Zhang Ming quickly opened another checkout. And negotiations with the customer up, through the understanding that the customer lived in a village in the suburbs.

at this time, Zhang Ming picked up the phone and said something, for a while, the village Party Secretary (also the customer’s elders) rushed to the people immediately took away. Later learned that the customer to buy a rice cooker home, his wife did not look good, but also a meal, he would like to be in the customer when the exchange. That the situation, although the rice cooker has been used two times, but Zhang Ming also helped him a new tune. Therefore, in the Spring Festival this sales peak, as long as you have the resources, we must take advantage of this resource, will not suffer.

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in the Chinese market, regardless of what to pay attention to resources, the more abundant resources, the more helpful for the development of business

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