The brothers joined the FAQ buffet

The brothers joined the FAQ buffet

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today to recommend to you is a collection of nutrition, health, and delicious and one of the franchise brand – big brother buffet. The creation of this brand is based on a reflection of a market driven approach to pure, fast, and non nutritional food. It is a combination of Chinese and Western approach to the introduction of fresh, delicious, nutritious food and dining, so many consumers in the fast enjoy the slow pace of life care.

big brother buffet buffet frequently asked questions

1, big brother this brand can cooperate?

can. But our partners and front position requirements are very strict, Ningquewulan principle, more big brands of requirements for the location and partners is higher, so the market of our brothers. The concept of cooperation, experience, experience and organizational management with the team’s ability is our and the conditions of value, in a word, a good facade, a good team of all forms of cooperation we can talk about.

2, the overall strength of the big brother how?

big brother is located in Hunan City, Changsha Province, in the province more than a number of stores or franchise stores. 2015 has joined the Hunan food and beverage industry management association, and a large number of media advertising.

3, how much does it cost?

operating system costs 120 thousand, including a 20 thousand contract deposit, the expiration date can be returned without interest. Contains about 50 thousand project design and materials, set VI and CI design, store decoration layout, hydropower and construction drawings and renderings and 300 sets of tableware, cashier system, monitoring equipment, staff clothing, custom food Taiwan 1 sets, a number of disposable tableware.

4, in addition to the above costs what are the costs?

store rent, deposit, renovation costs, furniture, air conditioning, TV, lights, door, opening stores and other costs by themselves.

5, the brothers and the location of the partners to fund the requirements of


first, first of all, highly recognized the concept of big brothers;

second, look for a facade that meets our requirements;

third, able to reserve the recruitment of not less than 8 employees; employees from the recruitment of partners, the company to assist and responsible for training;

fourth, there are about 30-40 million cash flow (pre store all input costs).

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