Six cups daily food so that raising the chest UP ‘s health network

Six cups daily food so that raising the chest UP ‘s health network

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3 walnut + nut + corn

1 qingsun + yam + liver

2 papaya + jujube + lotus seeds

chest size is too anxious, 6 dishes made of 17 kinds of food here will help you to have a full chest, charming figure. Although Sibu will not happen overnight, but as long as you step by step, it will usher in a surprise upgrade cup!

caution: the use of sunflower oil cooking the best, because sunflower oil is also rich in linolenic acid. When you eat this soup can not be excessive, it is recommended to eat three or four spoons a day. Otherwise it may be too much heat to cause obesity.

In fact, no need for

nutritionist private words: yam is respected Chinese tonic Jiapin, rich in protein, with the role of invigorating spleen and tonifying kidney and replenishing essence Qi; liver is rich in heme iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin B and so on, not only conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, or the blood of the first choice of lettuce is the traditional food; breast vegetables. The combination of the three, is nursed back to blood effect, can promote breast nutrition supply, can improve the skin’s moisture and color sense.

nutritionist sifanghua: walnut and pine nuts are the classic nourishing food, they are rich in vitamin E and zinc, can delay the senescence of breast, in addition to protein, minerals, vitamin B is also very rich, or beauty Jiapin emollient. What is more, walnut and pine nuts are good sources of linolenic acid, which is the recent popularity of breast health ingredients, there are female hormones to stimulate the synthesis function. Corn itself is rich in vitamin E, is also a respected expert breast food.

words: papaya is Chinese folk traditional breast food, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and the lack of vitamin A may interfere with estrogen synthesis. Chinese medicine, papaya sweet nature, can stomachic tonic, prolactin, also has therapeutic effect on dyspepsia. Papaya can be eaten with milk, can also be used to make dishes or porridge. Red dates is the regulation of the endocrine, blood and beauty of traditional food; red dates with lotus seeds, as well as Tiaojing Qi, nourishing the body function.

4 bean + beans + chicken wings

nutritionist private words: soybeans, green beans and black beans are well-known breast food, not only rich in protein, lecithin, also contains phytoestrogens – isoflavones "material, can effectively raise the level of estrogen, thereby maintaining youthful beauty of the breast. What’s more, it also has the effect of preventing osteoporosis in middle-aged women! In addition, people only know that pig is a beauty Jiapin.

caution: green papaya skin, with orange, sweet taste, suitable for all the beauty of women. When making this dessert, worry about the weight of women can join the "Yuan Zhen sugar" and other non caloric sweeteners, thin women can join the bees seasoning.

caution: do not drink coffee and tea before a meal after meal, so as not to affect the absorption of nutrients in food. You could use chicken liver or liver liver.

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