Business do not have business opportunities

Business do not have business opportunities

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is now a lot of people like to do business, and so on, waiting for customers to enter the store, waiting for customers to open, and a lot of business is lost in such a process, etc.. I believe that all the customers in the store when they want to see the owner of a cordial smile, warm language, polite behavior. In the daily operation, the owner can not wait wait for the customer to open, should take the initiative to improve the turnover rate.

not into the initiative to meet. Hesitation and wandering outside the shop customers, to take the initiative to say a kind word: "welcome, do you have what you need?" This is conducive to dispel the concerns of customers, so that into the shop.

don’t ask, answer. In the shopping process, observe the expression can be seen from the customer the customer demand for goods but not know enough, then should take the initiative to give answers, timely customer dispel doubts, or other similar goods is introduced as a reference, to save the precious time.

not equal to, active push. If you encounter some customers in front of the goods do not choose to look at the counter, mostly for the purchase of goods did not make up their minds. At this time should take the initiative to consult the demand, and then promote the right commodity. Pay attention to the promotion of goods to use a gentle tone, the appropriate language, so that you may be able to understand the potential needs of customers.

and other processes, it is possible to let other shopkeepers have the opportunity, so the possibility of customer churn will be very large, which will undoubtedly be very detrimental to the development of the store business. So, ranging from hospitality, ranging from the business opportunities.

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