Bifengtang Restaurant net profit analysis

Bifengtang Restaurant net profit analysis

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know in many restaurants to join the project, Bifengtang restaurant is a specialty food brands, Bifengtang restaurant franchise is active in the new era of catering, Bifengtang restaurant to join more than a year ago had a big development, Bifengtang restaurant to join the delicacy delicious and refreshing and affordable that is the vast number of consumers, Bifengtang restaurant open for almost all areas to join in the station, shopping malls around the surrounding area, and next to the school, but also can be used as shelter restaurant to join special supermarkets or delicacy management environment settled City, has a strong market adaptability.

so do you really make money out of the tea shop? Typhoon tea restaurant profit analysis:

typhoon tea milk profit space is quite large. Basically, a cup of 5 yuan of milk tea, for example, the cost of less than $2, which is more than 60% profit margins, each selling a cup of pearl milk tea, the cost of the day can be recovered.

a pack of 5 yuan of pearl, after boiling, you can soak almost 1000 cups of tea, other creams and water cost is lower. At present, the shelter tea shop sales in the off-season daily average of more than 100 to 8 yuan per cup, cup 6 to calculate, the daily turnover in 600 to 800 yuan, while the daily operating costs, including materials and rent, as long as 300 to 400 yuan.

Bifengtang to Black Tea and Green Tea pearl milk tea as the basic raw materials, which add various different flavors of honey and add called "Pearl" round condiment, hot and cold two different cooking methods, not only very thirst, the taste is ten requirements of the facade is not pearl tea, generally in the relatively prosperous place to rent a piece 10-15 square meters facade can, at a monthly rent of 2000 yuan, pearl tea raw material is relatively simple, add milk to the tea and some "Pearl", a cup of tea shelter costs only 3 to about 5 hair, and the market price is generally in the 3-5 yuan, the profit is considerable, and store the required the equipment is also very simple, just a freezer, a sealing machine. Delicious, is a very convenient trendy drinks.

shelter tea, quickly return to this, immediately make money not difficult, as long as you believe in the shelter of tea, shelter immediately achieve your dreams! Shelter in the season when the tea tea sold up to 2000 cups, the best business income of 4000 yuan a day.

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