Anhui rural youth entrepreneurship to lead the wild goose plan implementation

Anhui rural youth entrepreneurship to lead the wild goose plan implementation

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now the whole society to actively promote the development of rural areas, in the vast rural areas is also carried out a series of investment promotion activities, hopes to attract more young people have the knowledge into rural construction.

8 1 days, reporters from the provincial Party committee was informed that the rural youth entrepreneurship rich "leader" training program in the province launched a comprehensive implementation, through the platform of entrepreneurship training, financial services, twinning, exchange of learning, common development, publicity 6 training platform, a full support of rural youth hit off   "do poineering work become rich. Provincial Party committee official said, and strive to cultivate the lead goose in 2015 7000.

7 20, the League Committee organized the students returning entrepreneurial action training program in Anhui Agriculture University formal classes, 174 students accepted business loan policy, agricultural policy, agricultural modernization standard of training. At present, the province of college students to start the village of entrepreneurship and enriching the demonstration training courses in Anhui Province, the province’s college student village e-commerce demonstration training courses, direct training college student village 170.   in 2014, the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels in the province participated in the training of 50862 young people in rural areas, of which the group organized a separate training of 3695 people.

to build a display platform and learning platform. Provincial Party committee jointly launched the seven sets of CCTV program launched the Anhui youth enrichment model series, the current broadcast of entrepreneurs in the name of 10. Provincial Committee of the United Provinces published 8000 volumes of hiring do   "dream Woye – Anhui province college-graduate village official business story", collected 51 college-graduate village official start-up story; combined with the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Education Department organized college-graduate village official deeds propaganda teams, continued to carry out 14 lectures.

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