Ten let the flat health network female breast imperceptibly

Ten let the flat health network female breast imperceptibly

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underwear with all kinds of chemical fiber Lycra nylon fabric, it looks stiff and many.

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in the sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote the development of the breast, increase the fat accumulation of breast tissue.

Black 5: estrogen secretion is not a normal

physiological bilateral breast asymmetry with development to correct bad habits of the body, mature, or after repeated effective stimulation, when breast gonad axis and establish a stable biological feedback, on both sides of the breast will become more symmetrical, do not worry too much.


in the stage of breast development, if the drug to lose weight, it will cause endocrine disorders, which cause the imbalance of sex hormones secretion, affecting the development of the breast!

is against the breast after impact, the small vessels in the rupture and hemorrhage and hematoma formation, after being absorbed and destroyed in the blood, it will form a cyst.

not only that, the asymmetry of the body can also affect the blood circulation of the breast, resulting in a rapid development of unilateral breast.

long-term side of the sleeping position will increase the phenomenon of female breast asymmetry.

so when the choice of underwear materials must choose a good permeability, may wish to spend more money in this regard not to save money and cause unnecessary damage to the chest.

lace, nylon material contact with skin may cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the nipple, plugging holes or entangled lactiferous ducts, causing dysgalactia or mastitis.

But too much

breast is very fragile, they can’t be treated rudely.

A lot of

so, not only lose weight, regardless of health, finally get to thin place is thin, but not the thin places into the airport, so the means of weight loss can not be too impatient or will inevitably fall into the embarrassing eaglemouth.

it’s important to know the right way to breastfeed and good hygiene habits.

Black 1 developmental phases: a healthy diet

/ MM are very distressed and confused, why his flat chested? In fact, our body is not the genetic determinant of your breast size, but the day after tomorrow when you breast development do a lot of harm it. Take a look at those you don’t know it not only let you hand flat chested, chest flat, and accelerates the aging of the breast.

a black hand 2: underwear material, nylon lace over

a black hand 3: touch breast violent action

a black hand 4: sideways position caused breast asymmetry

breast health development and forming is closely related with the estrogen secretion of estrogen is active, not all, too little or too much, resulting in common unilateral and solitary, slow growth, even stop growing and premature sagging.

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