Changsha added 500 million to support entrepreneurship to increase the amount of personal loans

Changsha added 500 million to support entrepreneurship to increase the amount of personal loans

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is now encouraging people to social entrepreneurship, at the same time, in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial activities have reduced the number of social entrepreneurship threshold, let more entrepreneurs can get some business opportunities, have launched a lot of measures.

today from the Changsha City People Club Bureau was informed that the "Changsha national entrepreneurship five year action plan (2015-2019)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") officially released, Changsha will venture to promote employment.

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"plan" clearly, in the future without violation of national laws and regulations and policy, allowing the party and government organs and institutions with expertise and experience of the staff, to resign, led by entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship.


to encourage college graduates to grass-roots employment, the implementation of national student loan tuition reimbursement and compensation policy in accordance with the provisions of. Will apply for job subsidies to adjust the job subsidies to expand the scope of the national student loans have been graduated from college graduates.



venture to give social security subsidies

"plan", Changsha proposed a series of measures to promote the employment of disadvantaged groups. Such as further improve the scope and conditions of employment difficulties identified objects, the establishment of the real name system information database, to further increase the one to one employment and entrepreneurship assistance efforts to enhance the effectiveness of helping. Employment difficulties to declare flexible employment and timely and full payment of social insurance premiums, according to the relevant provisions of social insurance subsidies.

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