Coating business customers are very important to tap new customers have unique skills

Coating business customers are very important to tap new customers have unique skills

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In fact, a lot of experience for the operators of

coating or paint shop for business customers, mining is a very important link, only Everfount source protection, we can finally put their products sold, how to develop new customers?

1. old customers recommend: Generally speaking, new customers in unfamiliar places. Because of this, we need to use some "bridge" to find new customers. A very important "bridge" is our old customers. Where there are old customers, there must be new customers have not been discovered and excavated. So my first advice is to think about how to get new customers through old customers. There are two opportunities: first, through the old customers recommend new customers, and the two is to study the habits of old customers access to information and channels, through the guidance of old customers to find a large number of new customers.

2. customers to recommend customers, any paint enterprises get new customers the most direct and effective way, but also the lowest cost, easy company many customers themselves and easy in there are a lot of customers to recommend customers successful experience, in this special issue also has some case introduction. In order to let customers recommend new customers, the key to do three points: their products and services are worth recommending, customer recommendation should be very convenient, to recommend customers and sales staff have sufficient incentives.

3. understand the habits of customers and information channels: how to get new customers through marketing key is to know where the customer, the customer in what way to obtain the information he needs, what customers like…… In this case, loyal old customers can also help us. If we do the investigation system on them, we will know what kind of them to participate in the meeting, what kind of website, what APP, what books to read, in what place of vacation and how to exercise and so on. The more we learn, the more we can find new customers through the use of  , habits and information channels of our old customers.

4. logical derivation: new customers in unfamiliar places, because of this, we also need to use some logical derivation to find new customers. Each coating enterprises have their own business logic, because the industry is different, here I can only give two or three examples of logical derivation, perhaps you can bring some inspiration:

If our past marketing is through some media, such as the beginning of this "TV" to achieve the logical derivation of us is that the original TV customers are now looking at what? We will soon find that customers may look at mobile phone (and computer). I believe that the marketing on the mobile phone is the key to almost all marketing in the future, we should pay special attention to.

if we used in a regional success, a logical deduction so that we can do is that we should also have the ability in another area or success in the nation. If we have done a good job in the country, like many of the customers in the invisible champion, recommend

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