The humanization management make the business more popular whole

The humanization management make the business more popular whole

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in today’s market to do business, a shop business can be hot, often for a reason. After all, the competition in the industry is so intense, there are no features, there is no way to attract consumers, there is no way to make the business more popular development. And here, Xiaobian introduced, the human nature of the business is actually able to get the business development.

cousin opened a general store non-staple food at the county hospital across the street, I was a little worried, said, "there are so many non-staple food general store nearby, and they are open for many years, is it?" Cousin said, people have to get the business".

three months later, I went to the county hospital to see a doctor, to the cousin’s shop to buy things. The shop is of customers, cousin and salesmen busy. Later, while the cousin is not busy, I chat with her. I asked her, "what trick, so business so prosperous?" My cousin smiled and said, "what is my trick, humanized management, operating in the melt into human. People are long meat, really to customers, customers, of course, would like to go to the store to buy things". Summing up the experience of "humanized management", the author thinks that there are three points that can be used for reference.

little surprise to attract customers

shop at the beginning of the cousin in the store to prepare some small gifts for different groups of people. Customers to the store to buy things, will get a gift from cousin. Holding the child into the shop, my cousin gave the child to send chocolate, gum snacks, children mostly from adults will be wild with joy.

young people into the store, send some cartoon characters cousin small pendants and images of different key chains, let the young people a bright eyes. Middle-aged people to shop, small seeds of various flavors with my cousin. When the old people go shopping, they give them a delicious snack. These unexpected little surprise, for the cousin of the store to attract a lot of customers, gather popularity. It is one of ten, ten people are thought to store experience surprise.

small intimate warm customer

in order to operate their own shop, my cousin placed more than and 10 pieces with chairs in the store, many people at the store, my cousin will greet some of the old customers to sit down and rest. What you want, if you don’t want to go, let the waiters. The customer sat down to buy things easily. The store also placed a measurement of electronic scales of height and weight, regardless of the customer to buy something, can store the measurement.

cousin loves to chat with customers, while she took the guests to take things, while talking to customers. Sometimes, ask about the customer’s birthday. It happens that some of the customers are just on the day of the birthday, the cousin will send a beautiful birthday card. Customer >

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