Good faith to let the supermarket business next door fire

Good faith to let the supermarket business next door fire

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a supermarket in the end how to operate, each operator will have their own ideas, of course, have their own skills. Honesty and trustworthiness is the people of this, life needs, business should also be so. Shengsi, Zhoushan Province, "the supermarket next door," the owner of the house to pay sister has been adhering to the integrity of the business, law-abiding business purposes, in the daily operation of the bit by bit in the interpretation of the road, the road of business.

a packet of smoke mold

in order to enhance the image of the terminal, but also in order to prevent the loss of direct sunlight caused by cigarettes, the customer manager to the region of the retail business issued a smoke model. Due to the excellent production of tobacco mold, and very similar to the real smoke, at first, the retail business will be modeled as a real cigarette smoke to consumers when things happen.

supermarket next door shop has hundred square meters, but only pay an employee and sister to take care of the shop. This business is busy, a customer to a package of "Septwolves (Chun Ya)," pay sister picked from the smoke cabinet took a pack of cigarettes for him. Busy for a while, she tidied up the cigarette cabinet when found a packet of smoke mold. That’s when I realized that I was selling cigarettes as cigarettes. Pay sister immediately retrieved the surveillance video, found the customer to buy cigarettes, asked the employee to pay attention to the customer back to smoke. But half a month later, the man has not come. Without the customer’s phone, do not know the place, I feel very sorry for her.

One night

after half a month, the customer to the store to buy a bag of 20 yuan of "Abba" smoke. Fu sister quickly took out 15 yuan and gave him the "Abba", the last thing wrong to sell smoke die said. The customer said: "at that time see light suddenly, smoke after I bought the boat fishing, and later found to pump, was also on board who smiled a meal, said I cheated. It’s been half a month, and I forgot about it. I didn’t expect you to give me the money back." Sister pay sincerely said: do business must be honest, my own negligence, of course, to make up for the time."

a late appointment

on December, with the greeting sent, wedding marry more on high-grade cigarette demand will increase, demand have occurred. Zhang Dabo’s son during the new year’s day to get married, the need for twenty "Chinese" smoke, asked several times in the vicinity of a few shops to get to the ten. Sister home just to pay for the goods, looking at Uncle Zhang so anxious to promise to sell the ten Chinese cigarettes. Because Uncle Zhang didn’t have enough money to pay, and agreed to 20 sister to take smoke. But to the agreed day, but never see Uncle Zhang to take. Sister may want to pay something to delay it, and so on and so on.

store has to buy the "Chinese" customers, but to pay for the big sister but the agreement has not been >

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