2014 mobile nternet business forecast five

2014 mobile nternet business forecast five

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with the development of society, all walks of life continue to deepen, and its opportunities will follow. Mobile Internet business tide has been surging for three years, from the beginning of 2011, the Internet giants have launched mobile client, to seize the user’s mobile desktop. There are a lot of entrepreneurs to see the outbreak of the mobile Internet, have invested into the mobile Internet entrepreneurs who.

App as an intermediate transitional product, can not afford to carry the dream of entrepreneurs, more and more mobile Internet startups die and death. At present a large number of App download entrance are giants to control, promotion costs remains high for the case, 2014, more entrepreneurs will be fond of wake up, more entrepreneurial projects will become more rational, the number is no longer the pursuit of individual users, more App vendors will give up the development of a user, customer service enterprise transformation.


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