2014 is the most suitable for college students entrepreneurship project summary

2014 is the most suitable for college students entrepreneurship project summary

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now quickly to the summer vacation, and there are millions of college graduates leaving his alma mater, into the community, to start a new journey of life, in the face of the severe employment situation, many college graduates chose a venture this way. So what are suitable for college students in 2014? If you know a wide range of entrepreneurial projects now, you can know how this year’s graduates to start their own business, for this, take a quick look at the college students entrepreneurship guide.

for undergraduate poineering project: the table game room

table football popular in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia has 20 years. Table football game room show there is a table tennis table only half the size of a football field, the player can be divided into 2 or 4 people playing at several pieces of iron through both sides of the joystick to control the venue of the striker, defender and goalkeeper, or pull, or rotation, or stopping the ball, dribbling, or or shot to complete the game. Rent 20 square meters of housing for the store, the monthly rent of about 600 yuan, the purchase of soccer table 5, 1600 yuan each, apply for business license and business license of 1000 yuan to buy a set of tables and chairs for 500 yuan, 1 to keep the station hired laborer, the monthly salary of 400 yuan, total investment in 10 thousand yuan. Economic benefit analysis: this kind of entertainment room every day at least 12 hours of business, according to each 10 minutes, charges 1 yuan, early every day every table income is 72 yuan, 5 table daily turnover is 360 yuan, the monthly income of 7200 yuan, annual gross profit was 86 thousand and 400 yuan. In addition to store rent 7200 yuan last year, the workers wages 4800 yuan, annual water, electricity costs 6000 yuan, the year should pay various taxes and fees of 3000 yuan, the annual net profit of 65 thousand yuan, the average monthly income of 5000 yuan, the payback period is 2 months. This kind of shop is best built in the vicinity of major, secondary schools and residential areas.

for undergraduate poineering project: beach volleyball

if opened in the beach volleyball scene of a city or district park, not only satisfy the desire of people’s movement, but also can have a relatively good income. Investment in beach volleyball is not high. A piece of empty block around the net, two truck sand, a small dressing room, a volleyball net and a few volleyball is enough.

for undergraduate poineering project: Ecological Tourism Agriculture Park

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