A woman’s chest is most likely to old female Health Network

A woman’s chest is most likely to old female Health Network

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experts also monitor the body’s multi – stem stem cells – any combination of adult human body and broken stem cells. He found in human cells into stem cells results at the same time, the biological clock will be reset to "0" — which means a rebirth.

human genetics experts at University of California, the United States, the human body clock will affect the aging rate of the entire body, but its effect on the relative payment of each part of the body is different. The fastest way to deal with women is their breasts.

in addition, the human body clock is associated with the human genome, the difference between the body of the selected parts of the larger number of years, which parts of the smaller number of years. In other words, the actual number of parts of the human body does not correspond to the actual number of years. For example our heart tissue may in fact than the actual number of years at least 9 years old to young.

experts believe that this may indicate why the number of years of growth is a major risk factor for cancer. He found that women with an average age of 40 to 45 years old had higher levels of healthy breast tissue than those in other parts of the body for about two to three years. And a woman with breast cancer, the tumor around the healthy breast tissue than the other parts of the body more than 12 years old. This may also explain why breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women – the fastest in their bodies is their breasts.

research found that the human body clock can accurately measure the aging level of the body structure. But the time of the biological clock is not 10% stable, before the age of 20 it will travel very fast, but by the age of 20, the clock will automatically slow down, and finally into a relatively stable state. Researchers spent 4 years to clarify the human tissue and blood DNA, to determine the rate of cell aging. The effect of the invention, the population of a larger number of genes will be aging faster.

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