Do business to grasp what channels

Do business to grasp what channels

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for money, some people really can do anything, so that the money earned really good? Will this help the business? Do business is to make money, but we make money retailers must be "the way" business "will be closely reasoned and well argued". Is worthy of an economic minded retail.

integrity management is our business and the business people we determined not to do those crooked ways of business, not to do illegal business, nor those delusional overnight business. We only remain in a proper sphere diligently,, a step by step to complete our dreams of wealth accumulation. Let us control the following several important channels to lay the solid foundation for our wealth dream.

purchase channel

purchase channels we must grasp, we must first consult and good suppliers of the purchase price of goods, good product shelf life and production date, all matters with the supplier, the return of the goods of advent. A lot of suppliers cash checkout price than the deferred payment of the price. During the event of the order down the price than the usual release of goods price concessions, the purchase amount to a certain number of prices than usual sporadic purchase price concessions. Therefore, we should be based on the number of retail households according to their circulation of funds, according to their own store sales of goods to choose how to order goods.

took a year for those goods orders, agents and manufacturers will order quantity and one-time commodity items have been restricted, if reached a level of order, the price response than usual preferential. However, some of the smaller, the preferential policy is not very good sales usually feel powerless and frustrated people can only look at the shop. Also let those who eat the policy of the next batch of goods shipped to eat two times over the water. Lead to an increase in the purchase of intangible Chen, the relative decrease in profits. Faced with this situation, we have to think of ways, one can not combine the two, the three together to enjoy the preferential policies specified in order to reduce the cost of our purchase, improve our sales profit.


channel is our sales channels, distribution channels are the most prone to problems of the channel, in the rapid development of science and technology today, in the sales industry emerged a lot of sales distribution channels, e-commerce, online marketing, TV direct sales more and more share sales share, express to assume the important task the commodity circulation channels, there are more and more problems in the circulation of the longer circulation channel.

some goods in transit due to various causes damage, some dishonest merchants so shoddy. There are a number of lawless elements to facilitate the use of special channels of Internet fraud, etc.

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