Xiamen Zhongchuang space net revenue difficulties

Xiamen Zhongchuang space net revenue difficulties

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in the wave of entrepreneurial sweep, many people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, although there are government support, but still very difficult to achieve results! The public record, a product Witkey, Qingwa, Heini…… Since its first passenger space, just a few years time, the public space in Xiamen can be described as everywhere, at present, Xiamen has a small size of a large space around 300. However, the creation of public space in Xiamen, behind the scenes, but faced with fewer passengers, low station usage, the overall situation is still in a loss. To this end, a number of public space to seek transformation, innovation, some space is reduced to two landlord".

revenue difficulties

a lot of space to rely on government subsidies to maintain

Xiamen in the end how many public space? As of the end of last year, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has identified the five batch of a total of 165 municipal public space, including the acquisition of the national record for the country, the 23 was identified as the provincial public space creation. This is identified, and there is no identified, calculate Xiamen has launched operations in the public space is estimated at around 300." Entrepreneurial tree CEO Chen Hongxian lamented, although the number of public space, although many, but behind the surface of prosperity, revenue is very difficult.

Xiamen Zhongchuang Space Industry Association released a white paper shows that Xiamen’s public record most of the space station are idle, the station use rate is low, at the same time, the public record of spatial homogeneity serious, most at a loss. Income is difficult, the risk is the most important issue facing the public space in Xiamen." The industry said that at present, Xiamen multi-creation space source of income to rent, service charges and government subsidies, the main business income position has become at least part of the public record "a lot of space, if there is no government subsidies is difficult to continue".

As for the

investment income, Tencent multi-creation space base in Xiamen responsible person, on both sides of Xiamen youth hit off Federation executive chairman Hu Wensheng said, realized in the equity market, free cash flow return space, and this process usually takes 3-5 years, and the success rate is very low.

mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore

industry reshuffle will further exacerbate

in the face of the above dilemma, Xiamen’s public space has begun to polarization, and some go out, and some continue to be the two landlord". In the wave of the development of public space blowout, companies must find their own way." Chen Hongxian said, last year, venture established the "double tree complex" in the high-tech enterprise as the core of the development direction of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nanchang and other 16 city orders, and orders made by the 100% enterprises to apply for the success of high-tech enterprises.


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