10 GEM companies were suspended from listing

10 GEM companies were suspended from listing

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The rise

business boom, the start-ups are more and more companies listed on GEM, natural entrepreneurship is the goal of advancing, but the GEM listed company specific situation is like, a look!

with the number of fund companies have slashed geeya valuations, the GEM companies listed on the issue again recently attracted widespread attention, on one of the issues of concern in 2014 September, when the hail health branch, Prudential shares, Tianlong photoelectric 3 GEM companies collectively issued the risk of suspension of listing warning notice, lead the industry on the GEM companies to suspend the listing and delisting risk warning system set (ST) discussion.


from the above case, the gem company suspended the listing has not yet appeared substantive case, this is not to say that the GEM companies have professional skills in maintaining the shell, but in the game to suspend the listing rules, all listed companies have an innate instinct to protect the shell. The difference is that the gem company may not be backdoor assets of the third parties, so it is relatively difficult to protect the shell of the larger, non corporate debt restructuring of listed companies, such as shell may not apply to the gem company.

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