What are the five key points of the successful opening of a milk tea shop

What are the five key points of the successful opening of a milk tea shop

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shop in the various options, the tea shop has been a lot of people like a form of entrepreneurship. Moreover, we all know to open a tea shop is a very simple thing, but to be successful but not a simple matter, so we should learn to how to open a tea shop, so I want to open a tea shop should pay attention to what? Do the following five points, shop continues to increase income is not a question, together!

a, shopping mall positioning

to open a tea shop, the first to survey and positioning of the tea market, tea shop, which you want to determine what people do business, and then according to your policy of customer opens a series of promotional activities, attract customers. Tea consumption group in spite of all young people, but with different shape class, consumption is not the same, such as white-collar love very good quality tea, pay attention to the environment, air and mood, while the students love fashion and the characteristics of elements, pay attention to commodity price, and easy and vivid feeling and so on.

two, sort and combination

milk tea mix is very important, can not simply copy someone else’s menu to use, should be carefully designed is good. Now the market is mostly desktop or pearl milk tea, coconut, fruit type tea, drink more than a decade, this has let some consumers have the appropriate " ", in addition to good taste tired; the classic signs of tea, you may wish to add some jelly such as tea, tea, tea, yogurt yogurt Boudin tea, fresh straw tea, Hong Kong Style lime milk tea, tea and other new types of vanilla. Add some new single product, so that more in the store to find their favorite milk tea.

three, a good name to

has the operation of accurate location, it concluded that the type and name of tea shop name and commodity name, if there is no collective consumption and policy related, caused no consensus, it will make people feel the wrong person if you are unbelievable, with students as the main consumer group, to consider the use of more fashionable more features more in line with the new generation of consumer aesthetic appeal of the title to its name.

four, promotion method

tea shop promotion is a kind of a way to attract customers, for example, consumer send integral or two for one, and the message wall are a good promotional approach, if add some " drink "weekend reunion" Happy birthday drink "" two small "Miss International" drink "" 10 Cup express "" cover six chapter a cup "and so on, it will be more generous and more attractive to consumers.

five, quality

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