T entrepreneurial venture to open a dessert shop to earn millions

T entrepreneurial venture to open a dessert shop to earn millions

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Now a lot of

business stories, by opening the dessert shop build up the family fortunes case also meet the eye everywhere. IT men start their own business dessert shop, even open four stores, into the million! How did he succeed? Today, the reporter interviewed the young man, we come together to listen to his entrepreneurial story.

2014 in the afternoon of June 30th, the Ku Kui went to Maple Lake freight market around, waiting to be sent from the coastal city of dessert ingredients.

check, single goods logistics, visual inspection and payment…… A series of the receiving process, the Ku Kui qingjushulu. He walked in the street before the opening of the shopping mall dessert shop, is looking forward to the arrival of these raw materials.

Two years working for several

however, factory work, dining hall, home to sleep, the three-point line monotonous daily life, so this just out of college full of hope for the future of the young guy, I feel very suited.

with computer operating skills accumulated during college in Guangzhou, he soon found a job professional counterparts, and the monthly income of 3000 yuan, excluding rent, eat, can save the scanty money. So he began to make a move: while working on the Internet looking for rich information.

"repeatedly replaced within two years of work, each piece of work they do is not long, so the family can call me worthless." Adhere to their dreams of Gu Kui, did not blame their parents when one thing.

7 opened four stores   annual revenue soared from $30 thousand to $1 million

2014 June 30th in the afternoon, the reporter went to the Ku Kui Street jewelry store located near the river. This is a great store of hundreds of square meters, the shop four are standing wooden shelves filled with a superb collection of beautiful things handicrafts, in the middle of the counter also display a variety of accessories.

mention now the size of the Ku Kui looked very proud, because the store is all his store.

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