The first signs of breast hyperplasia alert health network

The first signs of breast hyperplasia alert health network

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some women often feel breast swelling and aching, particularly, because there is no other discomfort, they generally do not go to the doctor. Some people actually naive to think that this can increase the beauty of women’s lines. As everyone knows, are likely to be swelling, pain initially showed hyperplasia of mammary glands. Some breast hyperplasia delay treatment may even cause lesions.

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breast hyperplasia accounts for more than 75% of all breast disease, is the most common type of breast disease, occurs at any age after puberty women.

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a, maintain emotional stability, reduce mental stimulation. According to statistics, 85% of patients in the disease before the bad mood changes, mental stimulation can increase the level of estrogen in the body, endocrine disorders.

the following measures can be taken to prevent this disease:

disease with breast lumps, breast pain as the basic performance, approximately 80% of patients with breast pain, multiple bilateral, unilateral pain can be divided into the nature of pain, pain, pain, pain or tenderness, pain, breast pain was not always stable in before menstruation can aggravate, also aggravated the change in mood, often tired, when the weather changes.

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two, pay attention to work and rest. The unit of intellectuals in the screening of high incidence, according to this, women should pay special attention to work and rest. In addition, breast feeding can reduce the incidence of breast cancer, because breast-feeding can reduce the incidence of breast hyperplasia, but also reduce the number of abortions, but also can reduce the incidence of.

it is worth mentioning that, with the advent of menopause in some postmenopausal women, the proliferation of the site will gradually shrink, but young women with breast hyperplasia must be arrested.

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four, surgery. The growth of breast disease, local excision can not achieve the purpose of treatment, more is the elimination of breast malignant lesions, the mass is hard, and it is difficult to identify breast cancer, surgical treatment is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

breast mass is the main basis for the diagnosis of breast disease, most of them are multiple, the size of the tumor is different, the texture is hard or hard and tough, and the masses do not adhere to the skin, the surface of the tumor is often not smooth, contact with a sense of particles. In addition to the above symptoms, some patients with nipple discharge and itching, swelling, pain, chest rib anorexia, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

three, drug therapy. Chinese medicine treatment is the main means of treatment, the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine proved very good.

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