Shop encounter friends and relatives to do shopping

Shop encounter friends and relatives to do shopping

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set up shop to do business, there are strangers, and naturally there will be a lot of acquaintances, especially some of the more special relationship acquaintance, this time, the owners how to make this business? In short, the supermarket business process, we often encounter some acquaintances. How to operate, which has become a major problem plaguing countless people.

shop business acquaintances, there is a class is very special, such as their former boss, his child’s class teacher, or their relatives, or their own good friends. Faced with these people, how do we do it? In accordance with the payment of goods sold, or in accordance with the normal price to sell, or simply not a fee, do not give them? In response to these problems, the author with personal experience and talk about the views and practices for the reference and reference.

first, in the face of acquaintances

if they come to the store to buy things, if they do not want the money, they will not be taken away, there must be some pull. Acquaintances will say: "who is to buy to buy, not to save money to you here. Give money to someone else!" So I would not say not, if it is a gift, I will according to the purchase price plus a dollar selling price lower than normal. For example, the purchase price of 55 yuan, I would say: "sell others 60, 56 on the line for you." I think it is to give him the original price, he thought it was earned his money. For example, the purchase price of 55 yuan, I would say: "this kind of milk to sell others 60, take you 57 on the line." In this way we will not lose money, let him know that to give him, both sides are happy.

two, in the face of child teacher

if it is a child teacher, it is not only to let things go, emotional intimacy is also very important, in the course of the transaction and the teacher said that the topic is also close to the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort? When she was in junior high school, her chemistry teacher and I lived in a small community, when she would buy some vegetables and vegetables every day after school.

and I are in the normal price for her, just after the last fraction are erased, so she gave her a feeling of preferential. Every time I buy something, I talk to her about the child’s learning, talk about the performance of the child in school, talk about the teacher’s hard work, so that she felt my concern and support. In this way, that let me know the children in school, but also closer to the relationship between teachers and students, the best of both worlds, and finally pay the teacher satisfied with home.

three, in the face of relatives


is relative, can not add money, only according to the purchase price for the goods, if not for the money, which will go to the store to relatives and relatives of consumption. A living example is a lesson. That year, my country’s sister-in-law did not know how to come to my shop, then I know they just cousin

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