Eat cold things causes dysmenorrhea after what female health network

Eat cold things causes dysmenorrhea after what female health network

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after eating cool thing dysmenorrhoea? Through the above introduction you have to understand it? Girls in order to their own health and reproductive health, be sure to pay attention to all aspects of their menstrual period, do their own menstrual health work, so that their own safety

the reason why girls eat cold things dysmenorrhea

What is the reason of During the

1 women must pay attention to their diet during menstruation. The menstrual period must be careful not to eat cold things, don’t eat not easy to digest things, otherwise it may cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea occurred in the situation. In addition, women during menstruation also do not eat spicy spicy food, because these foods may cause excessive menstruation or menstruation. The menstrual period should also eat some laxative foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seed etc.. Of course, many people know, can eat some food during the menstrual blood, brown sugar water is the best drink during menstruation.

girls during menstruation need to pay attention to what

women every month to go through special days, that is to require a monthly menstruation, menstrual period is not once attention may lead to irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, especially a lot of girls in the menstrual period does not pay attention to diet, cause dysmenorrhea occurred, so most of the girls know the menstrual period can not eat cold things, then cause dysmenorrhea women to eat cold things is what? The following small series to introduce.

during menstruation, women’s uterus is due to endometrial shedding is full of blood, the blood need to maintain the liquid state can be smoothly discharged, if at this time the girls accidentally eat something cool, cool things will make the blood in the uterus and pelvic pre cold condensation, cause blood stasis uterus and pelvic cavity, cause blood discharge is not long, dysmenorrhea will naturally produce, and even lead to serious blood loss or amenorrhea, menstrual period so many female friends must be more careful.

2 menstruation should sex, because this time the cervix opening, vaginal bacteria natural barrier is relatively easy to dilute the blood, bacteria into the vagina, this time sex may cause gynecological diseases. The menstrual period is not suitable for bath, because the bacteria can enter the vagina and uterus in gynecological diseases. The menstrual period is not suitable for wearing tight pants, because it may cause poor blood, even lead to congestion of perineal pain. The menstrual period is not suitable for extraction, more do not drink, because it may stimulate the uterus or pelvic, resulting in excessive menstrual bleeding, and easy to cause the liver burden, cause injury to the liver. Menstruation must do the warm work, don’t sit in the cool place, more should pay attention to the body warm, otherwise it may cause poor blood, leading to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea oh.

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