How to choose a clothing store is more likely to impress customers

How to choose a clothing store is more likely to impress customers

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to the shop name do not seem to be what things, however, the name is actually how, have a great impact on the business of the shop. So, if a shop to be successful, also need to take a can impress the customer name. However, clothing store name how? What is the name of a good name? These problems really do a lot of shopkeepers friends. So, let’s talk about how we can play a good shop name, moving the customer’s heart, let them home consumption.

, a name easy to remember

this is the most basic requirement of a name, the name can only readable and easy to remember, easy to spread, left a deep image in the public mind. How to make the name easy and easy to read? Four words: simple and lively, that is, the name should be short, and can convey positive meaning. Studies have shown that the shorter the name, the meaning behind the extension of the more, it will be able to arouse people’s reverie.

if you are using the Chinese name, with no more than 4 bytes. English name, then try to control between four to seven letters. At the same time, but also the best of both novel and unique, avoid confusion and other shop name, rich tide flu, let people read catchy.

two, the name should be appropriate to imply the style of clothing

we all know, in the name it is more that a particular product, easy to cause the rigid image to customers, thus extends to other products is relative to the difficulties, is not conducive to the further development and expansion of the store. However, for the special operation of a type of clothing store, the name can be properly suggested that the style of clothing, Gabriel is absolutely no harm, such as we are very familiar with the elegant sweet women’s clothing "fairyfair", a successful example of which is. This name, can play an effective role in attracting your target customers.

three, the name should have rich implication of


straightforward name easy to remember, but soon will be forgotten. While the rich implication of the name, a beautiful and elegant, attractive to Lenovo, could not help but come to investigate, after Wednesday by Lenovo, customers often will be impressed. It is important to note, however, that the meaning of the store must be positive, positive, rather than negative.

four, add marker


logo is a pattern or color that can be identified, such as Coca-Cola’s red, McDonald’s yellow M. Although these markers do not use language to express, but its spread and propaganda is far more than a thousand words. The sign name >

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