How to do a good job in the promotion of bedding chain

How to do a good job in the promotion of bedding chain

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is now on the market, the competition is very intense, for the majority of operators, it is very important how to do promotional work, then open bedding stores, how to do promotional work?

1, experience promotion: This is to stimulate customers to experience the product so as to promote the purchase method, is to try to do promotions sent in front, to buy or not to buy will be sent, generally have some people to buy, the purpose is achieved, the gift is not too bad or too expensive, such as small pillow etc..

2, back now: return is the terminal store in the promotion, the provisions of the amount of money to buy, how much cash on the scene, such as the purchase of 200 yuan back to $20, as playing the 10 percent off. This promotion means shopping malls with more, because it is directly returned with cash, so attractive. However, in the development of sales promotion, we should pay attention to the amount of cash back, not beyond the limit, but also attractive, so it is very important to develop a reasonable amount of cash back.

3, consumer Coupons: coupons promotion, not only in the holidays can do, in peacetime can also do.

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