How much is the chest C cup the most attractive ‘s health network

How much is the chest C cup the most attractive ‘s health network

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plastic is used to describe the data at the most ideal breast appearance: two milk distance greater than 20 cm; breast basal surface 10-12 cm in diameter, from the substrate surface to the height of the nipple is 5-6 cm; breast tall and straight, ring difference is 17-20 cm; two nipple and sternal notch to form an equilateral triangle.

C is the most attractive

Chinese breast generally small

in fact, in the eyes of men, women’s breasts are not as big as possible. According to "India times" reported that the American computer scientist of the 1 billion website orgas ogi? The search results of the research conclusion said: the most attractive male female breasts C cup size is too small, the man will not feel sexy, too large will let men think "well", "scary".


thin women although can reflect dress beauty, but in a man, they want their women are full, rather than "demon".

statistics pointed out that the West has 45% female breast C cup and above, only 5% asian. The plastic surgeon pointed out that Asian women’s breast development is often unsatisfactory, and various problems will.

so why do Asian women have smaller breasts? It mainly depends on the pressure. The ambassador was often a thyroid pressure excited state, leading to increased cortisol, accelerate fat burning, the chest is the most easy to loss of fat. If the pressure causes cortisol to rise to accelerate the burning of fat, the body will become thin.

the ideal chest is plump straight

beautiful fullness of the chest, is every woman’s dream, because it is the formation of women’s unique smooth, rounded, beautiful curve of the key part of the United states.   but the breasts are not more beautiful, how large the chest is the most ideal?

The ideal

women are proud of their plump breasts, and men are attracted to the fullness of the chest. That breast surgery is becoming more and more popular, various breast products dizzying. But how big chest is good?

is tall, plump chest should be flexible, and will fit their own body; in the shape of a hemispherical breast is the best, the skin smooth and elastic, consistent color and body color.

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