Zhao Qiushi car wash shop why can earn 50 thousand yuan a month

Zhao Qiushi car wash shop why can earn 50 thousand yuan a month

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although the number of cars on the market is indeed very large, the car wash business can make money. However, the relevant industry competition is extremely fierce, if you want to make money, you need to master the relevant business skills. So, Zhao Qiushi car wash shop is how to earn 50 thousand yuan a month?

now, though, it’s a good idea to open a car wash, and everyone knows it’s a hot item, so there are more people to invest in the project. So, how to manage is what you should consider, today to see how this is done!

Zhao Qiushi opened a car wash shop, soon after the opening of several car wash. In order to win customers, peers actually half price charges, leading to his business unsustainable.

once, Zhao Qiushi took a taxi to the city to work, found that the car was covered with mud, the car is full of dust. Driver embarrassed to say: in order to pull the business, I simply do not care to wash the car, until the evening after the car, car wash has closed. Conversation, Zhao Qiushi learned that a total of 2000 taxis in Nanyang, the owners are equipped with a two class driver, the driver stopped the car stop.

Zhao Qiushi thought, so many taxis in the city, if their car wash into the evening business, specifically to wash the car, not a win-win?

Zhao autumn car parking lot installed a few 1000 watt light bulbs, but also made a big sign of midnight taxi car wash. That night, he stood on the billboard waiting for a night, but did not usher in a taxi. Fortunately, when the sky is bright, a passing taxi suddenly turned back to his car wash, the owner said excitedly: I opened the car for more than and 10 years, the first encounter in the evening business car wash. Zhao Qiushi quickly cleaned the car.

although the night just washed a car, but the driver gave Zhao Qiushi confidence. He thought that he did not propaganda, the driver did not know there is a night business car wash. He remembered the taxi driver the other day, and called him immediately. Then, the driver through the telephone service, the message to colleagues are working.

in the voice of Taiwan propaganda, the evening of the second day, some taxi drivers have to wash the car, Zhao Qiushi took a total of 15 cars, earned 150 yuan of money, tired backaches. Later, he was too busy to recruit 6 workers.

with the car market reputation, Zhao Qiushi’s business more fire. Once, a brother saw Zhao Qiushi and his staff were too busy, simply hit a bucket of water, picked up his own rags to wash up. After washing the car, he paid to Zhao Qiushi, according to the cost of water and electricity, according to the half of the price of the other side received $5.


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