How to attract consumers commodity pricing

How to attract consumers commodity pricing

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many entrepreneurs believe that low commodity pricing will certainly attract consumers, obtain good business, in fact, low sales also exist certain defects, in the end the commodity price how can both enhance the brand image, but also to earn Gregory?

original, high to attract everyone’s attention, and exquisite goods to make everyone feel worth the price, this price also make us believe that the quality of the goods, value for money. Another point is that they sell is the place in the rich area, where the customer is interested in value, rather than price. Thus, the right goods in the right place at the right price to sell a good price.

The author summarizes the following 8 points:

1, comparative pricing

for example, a car rental city plans to introduce a taxi, but do not know how to pricing, then refer to the other city transport (buses) the price, performance, convenience and other factors. For example, the main features of the bus is: take the cost of 1 yuan, regardless of distance, only fixed route, on average every one of the trips of 15 minutes, must be off the site, poor sanitation…… Phase comparison

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