Open shop wealth and risk coexist

Open shop wealth and risk coexist

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whether it is open shop or online shopping there is a certain risk, online shop looks very easy to operate, but also effectively avoid the risk of online business can do

The traditional consumption mode of


to young white-collar, college students "online shopping gens" main reason to choose online shopping is time saving, cost saving, convenient operation. Miss Zhang said the manager in favor of buying clothes online, buy a set of clothes online prices in traditional shops generally only buy one, and the online auction price style very much, new and exciting". She said that as long as the reputation of good online businesses to buy, generally no problem.

in the country’s largest NetEase interested in shopping, a pair of Nike basketball shoes price as long as 80 yuan, a "LEE" jeans sold only 110 yuan, and a "LV" (Louis · Vuitton handbag) the cheapest price is 60 yuan, the price is only equivalent to the large shopping malls or the store is 1 to 80 percent off or even lower.

online commodity prices really advantages? On the one hand, online transactions are not subject to the constraints of time and space, many online businesses do not have a fixed store, just a warehouse or stacked at home. If the goods more, can apply to open a shop on the net, only a month to pay 50 yuan management fee, but also sell things online cost is the intersection of the fee, generally only a dozen yuan, even the publicity expenses also omitted.

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