Save the fall health network female nipple

Save the fall health network female nipple

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prevention, starting from childhood

dysplasia papilla is composed of smooth muscle, and the opening of the tube. Therefore, if the papillary smooth muscle dysplasia, breast duct shortening, the smooth muscle fibrosis around the tube, the poor development of the mammary duct can not lead to the catheter, and so on.

pregnancy 12 weeks to do a medical examination, the doctor suddenly said that my nipple problems, must be corrected early, otherwise it will affect lactation. My nipples are not the same as others, but not in the skin. Why I don’t know, it seems from puberty bra has been such. Because it does not hurt does not itch, does not affect the life, plus I am embarrassed, so I did not see the doctor, until the pregnancy. The doctor said that my situation is still a mild depression, and now the treatment, or can achieve lactation. To this end, every morning, I wash with warm water in the morning and evening, and then pinch the nipple with his fingers pulled out. To the time of production, has seen a number of effects, the nipple revealed a small protrusion. Can not think of, baby or suck not to live, often hungry cried. Later, I was cruel, endured terrible pain let the baby suck the nipple, broken skin and scab, scab lost and broken skin. So after a month, the nipple finally highlight the big enough, the baby can suck up. I did not expect, did not care. Let me after having children suffered enough.


all mothers, aunts and other immediate relatives of women with nipple retraction history, should be taken as the focus of prevention. Have a genetic predisposition to the baby after birth, the mother gently pulling out the small nipple, 1 to 2 times a day. Note that the action must be gentle, it is best to have experienced operators. If you can see the baby’s nipples are green beans >

dress properly at puberty onset of breast development, bra, bra too unreasonable or wearing a tight bra, chest will lead to poor blood circulation, breast dysplasia, which leads to the nature of the inverted nipple after.

infection is one of the main factors of nipple retraction, which is caused by the presence of fibrosis and scarring of the breast, which can affect the normal development of the nipple.

surgery for breast reduction surgery in the application of dermal pedicle, due to tension and scar contraction will cause nipple retraction.

tumor breast malignant tumors can cause nipple retraction, so the original nipple normal women, if there is no obvious reason for the nipple, breast imaging should be carried out to help diagnose.

Figure 6 factors of


retraction of the nipple, let me eat lots of suffering

According to the clinical observation of

, mothers and their mothers have a history of nipple retraction in the generation, the next generation of people with nipple retraction ratio is higher. Therefore, it is believed that there is a certain relationship between nipple retraction and heredity.

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