n the face of many brands in the brand advantage

n the face of many brands in the brand advantage

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Although I do not agree with the small series of

will pay a return of this sentence, but efforts to pay, is one of the prerequisites for access. There is such a small face of the establishment of the brand, is working hard for the operator to pay for the consumer, and his way of success is also a little bit to create.

Zhengzhou Hua Yao Restaurant Management Consulting Co., Ltd., founded in February 10, 2014. The company is now the main story of the story of the brand. Since its inception, the vast number of consumers sought after and praise. Now there are 4 stores, franchise stores, 6.

home edition version of the story of Zheng home sold throughout the country, but also to the many people who love the story of the home side of the story to bring anytime, anywhere to enjoy the delicious. Jia Jia Zheng version of the combination of small and now under the 020 online and offline Internet trends, online Zheng home micro mall, the next line of small home micro mall. Delicious food, just 3 minutes, so that customers at home to taste the authentic home story.

join advantage:

1, a small story Zheng brand image and store design style are unified design, the use of the domestic first-class catering industry design concept, to create a comfortable dining environment and profound customer focus, customer loyalty.

2, positioning the mass market, with a small dining environment and suitable for the majority of people’s taste, moderate price, to cater to the mass market. Whether it is white-collar workers, students, family meals are Zheng Zheng small story loyal customers.

3, the development of a model of the development of the alliance with light weight. With less entry fee, and the perfect support to find common growth like-minded people.

4, join the Zheng family story small shop, the headquarters will not only in the location, decoration, opening, promotion and other aspects to give guidance and support, will be in the product supply, given the unified guidance of personnel training and other aspects, the research and development of new products are launched in each quarter of the story of Zheng Jia facet growth needs, meet the market.

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