The online business must know the 2015 Taobao new regulations

The online business must know the 2015 Taobao new regulations

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Taobao can be said to be a miracle in the history of business, and the classic must be combined with the development of the times to ensure that no out of date, 2015 of the latest round of Taobao rules adjustment, probably to sort out the following, online business friends must be clear.

1:: evaluation of end advertising evaluation will be automatically blocked, the system will give the evaluation scoring evaluation of high scores will automatically top

2: search side: homogeneous products will only display high-quality products, inferior products will not show

3: search logic: the near future will join the business integrity indicators and comprehensive indicators of the sale, followed by the two indicators on the search side, registration activities, renewal is very important

4: brush may lead to the search for files (for Tmall) that is invisible to the right to drop (on the Tmall will find almost no baby).

5:4.28 number of Juhuasuan sales are fully included in the phone, Taobao, Tmall search

6: search file is not currently released to the public (internal news)

7: for new products to open the mobile phone terminal, not on the third party activities (similar to fold 800…) Is likely to be identified as a false transaction. A shop not only to push a burst of money, it is recommended that the entire store synchronization promotion, you can increase the overall weight of the store

8: invoice complaints: 1 no matter what consumers say to have a formal invoice 2 invoice can not have any additional costs (for shop customer service management)

9: Pirates of the complaint: the complainant must provide the original picture, plans and snapshots. After the election of the two one, the three pictures can not be the same, if not the same as the establishment of complaints. The first time the complaint failed to delete the baby buckle 2 points (Pirates of the map fraud: QQ admit


10: released not agreed: belongs to the serious illegal deduction of 6 points, (first offenders not enough points to timely modify the details page, or delete) a store only once (reply "points" to see more easy points of the pit!)

11: false trading is divided into a single level of false transactions and the whole shop false transactions

12: false transaction investigation logic: the same machine, high risk, repeat waybill, express judgment, periodic investigation (now is random uncertainty, 27 sets of models in the investigation)


13: default false trading Express Company: to speed up, 000, Fonda, up to the wind, HOBA, express, good source city, Chongqing Park, Feida, black hawk, Long Bang, you can go to the country (see lengf88 in the fast express make is real deal may be judged as false trading, full payment is the default for the red false trading,


14: single product checked brush single proposal to delete the product directly, the shelves of the warehouse will affect the entire store search

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