How to do out of cigarettes in the sales season

How to do out of cigarettes in the sales season

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products out of stock, which in any one of the shops in the process of operation is almost a very common thing, how to deal with, how to retain customers, which naturally became the owners need to master the skills. In the retail business daily, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, will inevitably encounter the store of a commodity in short supply or out of stock of the situation, affected the normal operation and sales. Just imagine, when customers are happy to go into the supermarket, want to buy a certain product was told that they want to buy goods without goods, at this time the customer will be what mood?.

general customers will make the following choices: first, turn away, go to the supermarket to buy, but also may no longer patronize; two, very angry, and even other goods do not buy. Three, buy other goods alternative. But no matter what kind of situation, will have a bad impact on the supermarket. Visible, the shortage of management is very important for our retail business.

however, supplies or out of stock, we are not a small retail businesses can influence the appearance of the shop, if the supply shortage or out of stock phenomenon, as the retail merchant, how should we respond? Is it? Or find a way to remedy? Now, we would like to ask a few retail business to talk about, when the shop is not enough supply of goods they are how to deal with?

Heilongjiang, Harbin City District outside the retail business Zhou Yuying

patiently explained, stable source

I have a supermarket for more than and 10 years, every 51, eleven, the Spring Festival and other major festivals, some of the shortage of goods began to appear in short supply, the phenomenon of insufficient supply. In fact, the supply of supply shortage, for retail businesses as early as flattering. However, customers do not know the inside story, when they go to the store to buy, can not buy what they want to buy things will inevitably do not understand, and even complain. At this time, if we do not pay enough attention to the retail business, the customer to explain patiently, the customer may have emotions for us, and even may not patronize our supermarket shopping.

for example, this year on the eve of the national day, I shop, an old customer came to the store to buy cigarettes, he opened his mouth to 15 "Yuxi". "Yuxi" is very popular in our local, each cigarette is limited to the purchase, but also with smoke. At that time I was only 2 stores in Yuxi, simply can not meet the needs of the old customers. So, I quickly apologized to the old customers: sorry ah! There are only two left in the store." "No? You can’t smoke cigarettes?" Customers questioned.

I patiently explained to the old customer: "cigarettes are produced in accordance with the order of the tobacco companies and the national plan, at this time of year, there will be such a shortage of supply in many places, which is very positive."

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