Thailand women don’t get fat breast secret female health network

Thailand women don’t get fat breast secret female health network

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fish with fresh papaya papaya 150 grams, 250 grams of fish slices; section, gutted, washed, cut into pieces, not scraping scales, and papaya slices and cook pot, add soy sauce, 10 grams, 3 grams of vinegar, ginger 5 grams, 5 grams of chopped green onion into the soup. Eat fish soup, 1 times a day, ate half a month, and promote breast development role.

  the flat chest, breast is too small and can not stand, is defective in female body. Malnutrition, the female hormone (estrogen) secretion is insufficient, can make mammary gland development is not flat chest.

pueraria powder 30 grams of sugar soup from the pot, add 250 grams of water, after boiling under pueraria powder, the bottom edge stir boiled thick juice, add rock sugar to melt into the. For breakfast or meal consumption, eat more than 3 months. Breast is too small, but also with the whole body weight loss. Because the breast in addition to the breast, to protect the breast and fat and a layer of connective tissue. So some people say that fat is an important condition for female beauty. Young women lose weight, if the fat accounted for less than 16% of the weight, but also affect menstruation and fertility. So young women with thin body should eat some meat.


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scientists found in northern Thailand, local women slim, well-developed breasts, skin white, and they often eat kudzu. It has been found that Pueraria lobata is rich in female hormones and. Experts on the 100 women who often eat kudzu as a follow-up observation, found that more than 90% of the original breast dysplasia women, eat a period of time after the fullness of the chest, but no body fat phenomenon. Recently, Japan, South Korea, women are also popular to eat kudzu root, kudzu root, kudzu foods have been listed. But since a family can guarantee the quality of the arrowroot soup.

containing protein 17.7%, fat 4.9%. The fish silver for unsaturated fatty acid grease, containing beta thioguanine, anti leukemia effect. Papaya contains flavonoids, vitamin C, but also through the meridians, clear breast, promote the role of breast growth.

(internship editor: Kuang Yanming)

pig’s trotters yam stew yam 100 grams 250 grams and pig’s trotters into the casserole add peanuts 30 grams, 5 grams of salt, add water to stew, can pig’s trotters overripe. Eat more than 1 months. The Chinese yam estrogen, protein, fat, collagen pig’s trotters and peanuts have a role of zinc.

Puerarin powder

to strengthen nutrition, the addition of phytoestrogens, can promote breast straight, increase the beauty of the female body. For the medium size, both afraid of fat, but also want to make the breast more fit women, kudzu powder is suitable for the choice.

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