The experiment of no supermarket in Beijing area

The experiment of no supermarket in Beijing area

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if a supermarket, there is no cashier, no tally, only goods will be like? Recently, the supermarket in Beijing Region conducted a no supermarket experiment, mainly to test the consumer credit problems, the actual results are unsatisfactory.

6 6, also known as the "credit day" on the Internet, sesame credit and convenience stores together, in Beijing, Jianguomen conducted an unmanned supermarket near the experiment. The so-called "no supermarket" refers to the cashier without any convenience stores, customers can scan the code through Alipay or cash to pay, pay self-help pay, how much money the customers decide. That, is not all customers are very conscious?

1 hours, a total of more than 30 customers and buy something, they either brush or two-dimensional code, direct payment of cash, in addition to the individual is not too familiar with the process of the customer, everything in order.

however, according to the sesame credit staff, "no one supermarket" afternoon "without paying a sudden change in the situation," or "don’t pay enough money" thing in. There are three women at the scene, there are women took the expensive goods, but did not pay; there are several times to go back and forth, take a few bags of valuable tobacco and alcohol, and paid only $ten.

sesame credit staff said, because integrity is a test, will not be accountable for these people.

sesame credit said that through this experiment, the public should have more hope and confidence in the China credit society, hope for the future no one supermarket this form will really come into our lives.

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