The long term squeeze cleavage can lead to breast hyperplasia female health network

The long term squeeze cleavage can lead to breast hyperplasia female health network

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in addition, in the usual eat more soy beans and other foods, as well as kudzu root, pollen, propolis and other food for women to regulate endocrine, health chest are very good.

women in order to have a perfect chest, oneself can think of ways to use it. It is now popular " squeezing chest " his chest inward pressed to form a cleavage, but the long term is to reduce or prevent extrusion cleavage within the breast lymph circulation, local poor blood, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands, and for a long time chest restricted activity, will also affect the normal breathing. In addition, the crowded cleavage of the fiber bundle in breast and breast duct long-term pressure will affect the postpartum milk secretion and excretion, directly affect the future of nursing.

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)

if you want to have a healthy and effective breast, you can have time to exercise and eat some healthy food. A doctor is said to be the palace specially for Ci Xi developed breast recipe? Huangqi peanut porridge?. Will be 100 grams of peanuts, red dates to the nuclear 100 grams, 20 grams of Astragalus, porridge, menstrual fresh even after 7 days. Chinese medicine, red dates can be fluid, endocrine regulation, Astragalus Qi and blood, and peanuts are rich in protein and fat, the combination of the three can not only make the chest stand tall and straight, can let the female body internal organs running smoothly.

now the woman to look more sexy, often forced cleavage, but you know, long-term squeeze may induce hyperplasia of the breast cleavage of

white-collar workers adhere to the correct posture can make breast more fit in the job, you can also try the "book" in the two armpit clip books, hands slowly forward Tai Zhi Ping, adhere to the arm or sour books fall far, multiple daily exercises. This position helps to exercise chest muscle, upright chest.

at bedtime, can also do push ups to breast. To do this exercise, the chest must be straightened, do not sag, tighten the abdominal muscles, when the body down, the waist will not collapse. Although this movement is quite tiring, but really beneficial for breast. Actually do push ups does not make breast augmentation, because there is no breast muscle. But through exercise can make the breast under the chest muscle growth, the pectoral muscles will increase the breast looks outstanding, becomes fullness of the chest and the elasticity increased.


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