Xiamen family doctor signed on the line so that the contracted residents affordable

Xiamen family doctor signed on the line so that the contracted residents affordable

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has some protection, but there are still a lot of people can not see the onset, or reimbursement is very difficult. In response to this situation, yesterday morning, the municipal health and Family Planning Commission Director Yang Shuyu guest mayor of Xiamen City, on the family doctor contract issue to accept the hotline of the public consultation and interaction with the public. The reporter learned that, from September 5th our family doctor on the line to the day before yesterday, the city completed a total of 443309 people signing, signing rate reached 21.01%, has completed the guidance of the central deep restructuring and seven ministries ahead of signing the coverage requirements.

, we are seeking to be able to provide medical care for chronic diseases and the elderly to provide a full cycle of sustainable medical services, the pursuit is to allow the contracted residents have access to affordable." Yang Shuyu said that through a period of practice and exploration, Xiamen explored a set of replicable models and practices can be promoted, the formation of a positive initiative to sign the contract, grassroots willing to serve a win-win situation.

today, I signed in the family doctor has been at the forefront of the country, Xiamen characteristics of "three division condominium" team service mode is team based service composition typical, but also the medical staff "the combination of", "is different from the medicine combination style between institutions, it is more close to the management elements of trust signing higher, fulfill the contract signing protocol of high operability."

Yang Shuyu said, at the same time, the implementation of "the first sign of chronic disease, the elderly sign" principle, signing key security have basic medical service needs of the crowd, the hypertension, diabetes coverage of more than 30% people over the age of 65, signing rate of more than 45%. At the same time, continue to strengthen the training of personnel, from general practitioners training, health management training, health administrator training and other ways to increase the strength of the new signing team.

Xiamen family doctor signed on the line, so that contracted residents get benefits for the general public is a good benefit, we have to act quickly! With the efficient advance of family doctors signing services, the lack of grassroots service providers has become a bottleneck restricting the further expansion of family doctor services. In order to solve this problem, the next step, the city will encourage the hospital of retired doctors, doctors, volunteered to join the "family medicine sign", "family medicine" to solve the shortage problem, can also increase the residents feel and trust of the contract.

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