The effect of emotional and psychological health network female breast cancer

The effect of emotional and psychological health network female breast cancer

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hide condition is not conducive to treatment

although the incidence of breast cancer in the first place in female malignant tumors, but the vast majority of early stage breast cancer can be cured. This requires patients to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, radiotherapy, such as a long process, in the course of treatment, in addition to the efforts of patients and medical staff, family and social care is very important.

each patient’s response to the disease will affect their mood, and ultimately affect the therapeutic effect. Some people have experienced insomnia before diagnosis, rapid weight loss, etc.. Lin Ying said, it is difficult to avoid, but can be with family and friends and patients communicate ease. >

at present, the whole social medical model has been changed, in addition to treatment, psychological counseling is also very important. Lin Ying said that breast cancer rehabilitation includes two aspects of physical rehabilitation and psychological rehabilitation. Foreign studies have shown that the patient was diagnosed after the illness, the timely disclosure of illness than to conceal the truth to be better. In fact, the capacity is very strong, after the adaptation period, through the communication between patients, patients will gradually accept illness and live bravely. According to foreign research shows that 92% of cancer patients expressed the hope that doctors can clearly inform the patient’s condition, but only about 64% of the families of patients hope so. In fact, early in time to inform the patient’s condition, so that patients actively cooperate with the treatment, the treatment effect is better.

family attitudes affect treatment outcomes

with the development of medical science, breast cancer patients in the long period of treatment and rehabilitation process, for the treatment of information, psychological support and rehabilitation care and other aspects of the growing demand. In the days before Senofi "love history" of breast cancer patients with friends and relatives caring sharing support program, associate professor, deputy director of breast and thyroid surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Dr. Lin Ying pointed out: "the double whammy of breast cancer patients with breast cancer and the lack of emotional, psychological change is more complex than other cancer patients. In suffering from diseases, and intimate care is best for the spiritual pillar of the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients in the process, to give patients the courage and strength to move forward and become a booster to enhance the treatment compliance of patients and help them through standardized treatment to obtain a better therapeutic effect."

patients with Liu Ayi at the forum about their illness experience: "I just retired in 2007, had planned to retire after the enjoyment of life, did not expect the second half of the year had had breast cancer, the heart is very uncomfortable. I lost my confidence in the treatment because of the severe hair loss. Family support for me to adhere to treatment has played a great help, let me see cancer is not terrible. With the support of relatives and friends, from 2008 to do the operation in October, and now I have been insisting for 5 years. I still insist on taking medicine, regularly check now, and follow the doctor prescribed pay, but also had a very regular life. At the same time, I still adhere to their own hobbies, such as I love to sing and dance, and now often do."

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