A 90 minute walk every day to breast cancer risk fall into 3 ‘s health network

A 90 minute walk every day to breast cancer risk fall into 3 ‘s health network

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movement amount, affect the risk of breast cancer

also, in addition to the amount of exercise, diet also affect the incidence of breast cancer is a very important reason, University of Toronto and University of Milan jointly study found that post menopausal women, intake of bread and other delicate type of starch food, a 60% increase in the risk of breast cancer, while the weight is overweight people exceed the standard risk of breast cancer. An increase of 45%. Show the type of diet choices, but also the key to the impact of breast cancer.

reduces the risk of breast cancer and avoids eating refined starch

according to the British "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) report, published in the "cancer" (Cancer) a research journal, compared 3059 women aged 20~98 years (including 1504 breast cancer patients) lifestyle, subjects were asked to record every activity, such as walking, household chores, biking or jogging etc.. Then the statistics found that the total activity of 19 hours per week of ethnic groups, the risk of breast cancer decreased by a factor of about 30%; approximately equal to 60~90 minutes per day activity.

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diet, with delicate, low fat, less processed foods as the principle, it can reduce the occurrence of breast cancer risk, and collocation enough activity, every 60~90 minutes, can promote the body and enhance the immunity of breast cancer The new supersedes the old., away from the threat.

is the most simple way to keep the body away from the threat of disease, but how much activity, in order to achieve the health benefits? In fact, including doing housework and other daily activities, including only 10 hours a day of moderate exercise time, you can reduce the threat of disease. In addition, walking 90 minutes a day can also help reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 30%, sit too long, remember to move up quickly!

however, the results also showed that if women increased weight, overweight case, efficacy will be relatively reduced activity for the prevention of cancer, past the University of Oxford study also pointed out that overweight women, the risk of breast cancer than smoke or drink more wine. The researchers estimate that exercise can reduce adipose tissue, thereby inhibiting potential of tumor development, and obesity in women with estrogen hormone concentration, into the cause contributing to tumor development.

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