Rural big set to sell what to make money

Rural big set to sell what to make money

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has been in some of the rural areas of a little bit of people should be aware of the past, these places are basically still retain a large set of such features. The so-called big set, mainly refers to the remote areas of the large rural areas, it is the place where the real shipping. So, if you want to sell things on such occasions can sell it? In other words, the countryside to sell large sets of what to make money?

what do you ask me to sell on the big set?

well, I tell you, or that sentence, big, long, cloth and more things, the big sister in the countryside will be considered value! Why? I have done my investigation, those in rural areas, their aunt aunt returned, often take some clothes, they told me to buy a very good clothes ah, I see, obviously the large set of goods, but a lot of cloth, a lot more than 20 yuan, so the value of.

summer, such as bat! Don’t mess ah, not all BianFuShan are sold, you can take less amount, many take the trial, find out what kind of goods are sisters of love.


besides the set, a lot of people are asking this question, in fact, Baidu search will be able to know, or to the local information port to consult, or ask your mom and Dad, or ask on the streets of the old ladies, but they memorized.

also, 11.5 small shirt is also very suitable for large sets of. Some people have a lot of large, I said that you are too stupid, large super large set, you fit, the absolute size of the first shipment, those who think that beautiful, but the rest of the. Do not believe it.

In addition to a large set of

, there are some remote city district, they take a bus very inconvenient, the door to sell things to eat, and occasionally to sell clothes (especially children), it is a berserk! This is a good practice! Also, you have to HOLD this morning, often do not ship, people berserk in the evening; do not always stare at night school ah, ah, every day complaining today not tomorrow to water, the enemy to grab business; you try to change a way of thinking, you look at the competition of many people? Try ah!

someone will ask, how do you go ah, I tell you is a motorcycle. Add two water racks, as well as a number of clothes; as for the model and the fitting room will not have to take, the rural sister who did not pay so much attention, they will wear a suit directly to the size of the test. If you want to throw, do not hang up; if hanging up, slightly higher prices, they can accept.

and if you do not update the goods for a long time, do not come, the sisters will bother: to bring us here to sell unsalable goods, and look down on us. It’s always best to keep updating

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