Shoe decoration design to consider what factors

Shoe decoration design to consider what factors

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a shop decoration, not consider individual investors can know the results, but also requires a combination of several factors, such as the sale of the product positioning, consumer positioning face, the positioning values and so on. In short, want a suitable shoe shop decoration design, need to consider many factors. So, shoe decoration design to consider what factors? Let me see small series of.

style positioning

you make the brand casual shoes or wear shoes, men’s shoes or shoes. Casual shoes store should give the casual, relaxed feeling, can give a strong sense of rhythm background music, with strong color contrast and gorgeous lighting, folded, positive display, side show to be interspersed with each other, the shelves put in at random and the overall feeling, dress is on the contrary.

shoes store color to have feminine taste, light blue + white, red + white, purplish red + white, beige + white, white, black + white are a good choice, buy the field lines to streamline, slender, soft lighting, multiple mirror (the woman inborn love when you look in the mirror. Here’s the mirror, even if they do not look at your shoes will lure them over.) The men’s shoes with coarse ore line, deep color, the use of materials such as walnut.

we identify the location, the following is the introduction of the shoe store design elements:

1, the store of color to be uniform, and the shoe decoration color is very harmonious com, people will be able to see you store the main tone, but I say here is not that unified store products and decoration color consistent, that would make the store very dull, should let the local contrast and to overall.

2, the purpose of the light. Light plays a key role in the shoe store, a pair of shoes the same lighting and display no lights out completely different, especially some single display high-grade shoes, must use searchlights for foil. The color of the light should be appropriate, the blue light gives people a very cold, cold, psychedelic feeling (selling sandals, slippers), yellow light, giving a very warm feeling (autumn shoes, winter shoes).

3, shoe store shelves set aside walking space, divided into the main channel and sub channel, the main channel width shall not be less than 120 cm, the channel width shall not be less than 80 cm. Image background board for main entrance or main channel.

what kind of store, you can sell what price, do not mean your store decoration, that it can enhance the value of your shoes. The same pair of shoes, put on a black marble and then put on a fine light it can be sold to 500, if it is placed on a piece of wood, it is sold at most 50.

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