These entrepreneurial experience is worth accumulation

These entrepreneurial experience is worth accumulation

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anyone starts a business from the beginning of 0, but some people can succeed, some people always fail, why? Not because they have no experience, but because they are not good at accumulating experience. The following entrepreneurial experience is worth the accumulation of entrepreneurs who are worth a look.

1. early release

first released early version, according to user feedback to improve. Full version of the vulnerability will only lead to user dissatisfaction, if the product is not perfect, you can release a mini version. If there are follow-up products, the user will not mind the mini version.

2.  continuous improvement details

in the system perfect, you should do every day or every two days with the details of the improvement. Users like to constantly improve the site, if you follow their feedback rectification, they will also increase the goodwill of the site, because most companies ignore the views of users.

3.  let users happy

4. do not mess up

The internal pressure of

5. promises to be a prophecy of their own

6. everywhere is the opportunity

We are blind to the opportunities

7. hope greater, the greater the disappointment

8. efficiency is far more important than money

these entrepreneurial experience is accumulated, they will make an entrepreneur to become more excellent, more wisdom to deal with various encountered in the entrepreneurial process of ups and downs and obstacles. No >

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