Walk against the price war as you can win

Walk against the price war as you can win

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in the same industry price is a key factor in the success of the competition, but whether the price will not be able to manage it? This is not the case, as long as your price on the quality of the product, consumers feel that their value for money, even if your customers will still choose your competitors in many. Crab soup is such a brand is baozi Inn, we love the long tradition of authentic craft.

crab soup, known as one of China’s six famous package, so its price is more expensive, but the authentic craft people never buried down, they can earn a lot of money. So what is the crab soup money? We’ll see a story:

crab soup in Jiangsu, Jingjiang has 200 years of history, Chen Shirong soup only six years, now has become a leader in one of the circles of Jingjiang soup. Lao Chen’s steamed stuffed bun has six cages, each cage has a maximum of $fifty, which is very cheap compared with the previous one. From early to late to eat people in a continuous line. His steamed stuffed bun is valuable, more valuable is his name, because in 2001, he registered his name as a trademark.

this is already a brand

Chen Shirong: "it should be said that Chen Shirong is a brand, on the issue of money, in the first two years, there were four hundred thousand people asked me to buy, I do not agree." A steamed stuffed bun eight or nine yuan, in our view, a little expensive, but in the local, we do not feel expensive. The reason is that this is not an ordinary steamed stuffed bun.

Chen Shirong: "this is one of the six famous bag crab soup, crab soup buns and other characteristics of different is thin, juicy stuffing soup. Other steamed stuffed bun are solid, get to eat, we want to eat the steamed stuffed bun after eating the skin. You see, it’s full of soup. He’s shaking. It looks transparent."

here, five hundred or six hundred cages a day is not enough to sell. This year’s national day seven days, every more than 1 thousand 50 yuan per cage, cage, old Chen crab soup to sell nearly 400 thousand yuan. A small steamed stuffed bun, why can be sold so good old Chen?

crab soup in Jingjiang, a few hundred miles, no one does not know. However, before 1998, most people can not afford to eat.

Secretary General of the Jingjiang Municipal Food and beverage industry association, said: "it seems to be one hundred dollars a cage, a cage for $120, and even people have to say, you give me a little bit of crab inside, 150 are sold."

Chen is aimed at this opportunity. Before 1998, do crab soup restaurant in Jingjiang.

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