A 25 year old female has moisture do only a few strokes can eliminate the ‘s health netwo

A 25 year old female has moisture do only a few strokes can eliminate the ‘s health netwo

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moisture term from "q? Tianyuan Ji great", "moon on the moisture". In Chinese medicine theory, moisture is the root of all evil, that the body Yin and Yang, while SHIXIE depressed, showing abnormal stool or not forming etc.. In the Chinese view, moisture is the most difficult to solve the problem, because it is the most easy to penetrate, the body moisture and external evil "collusion", resulting in people suffering from complex disease, which is one reason why the modern disease complex. Many people think that young people do not have moisture, in fact, like 25 year old woman with moisture example is also very common.

seen above, we believe that for the treatment of a 25 year old female with the moisture of the problem has been clear in mind.

3 is to pay more attention to the movement of the third. Too much moisture is stored in the body because of too much emphasis on diet and lack of physical exercise. Such people often feel weak, also do not always have dizzy spells, love activities, but the more you do not, your body moisture invasion is more severe, if things go on like this, you will easily suffer from some diseases.

life, who can have a pain, the key is the source of your illness, find an antidote against the disease. For 25 year old woman with moisture, we do not panic, just a few strokes can be removed.

2 the second is to pay attention to the environment moisture, try to avoid some of the humidity of the environment. For example, not on the floor directly lying on the bed, in the wet rainy days to go out as little as possible, in the diet should also pay attention, eat some cold, cool, sweet and like fried food, eat light and refreshing food, which is conducive to health.


1 is the first method of cupping, this is a very effective method. It is through the heat will jar out of the air to form a negative pressure, so that the pot can adsorb on the skin, causing a congestion phenomenon, this method to dispel cold moisture is very effective. But this method is not easily to non professionals, it is best to ask the doctor to help, because they know the techniques of cupping.

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